4 – 5 Nov. 2021

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    The Faculty of Management from The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (Romania) in partnership with Management Academic Society in Romania (SAMRO) organizes every year in November the International Management Conference (IMC).

    The IMC gives participants the opportunity to exchange ideas on the latest businesses issues and challenges in the field of management at national and international level. At this scientific networking event researchers and practitioners from universities and industries can debate and join their efforts in finding solutions and answers to the most urgent questions that management is confronted with in the reality of the 21st century, at the crossroads of crises from all the fields of the economy.

    The 15th edition of International Management Conference aims for collaboration and joint efforts among the conference participants towards identifying innovative managerial tools, methods and solutions in order to assure the sustainable development of the organizations in the competitive environment.

    The previous editions of the conference had different subtitles, such as “Modern Approaches in Organizational Management and Economy”, “Approaches in Organisational Management”, “New Management for the New Economy”, ”Management Challenges for Sustainable Development”, ”Management and Innovation for Competitive Advantage”, ”Challenges of Modern Management”, ”The Role of Management in the Economic Paradigm of the XXIst Century”, „Management Perspectives in the Digital Era”, „Management Strategies for High Performance”, „Managing Sustainable Organizations”.

    The conference proceedings were published as books, as special numbers of journals and on CD with ISSN. Beginning with 2012 the conference proceedings (CD with ISSN) were listed in RePEc and submitted for evaluation in order to be covered in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index – Social Science and Humanities (CPCI-SSH).

    The previous editions (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019) have been evaluated and selected for coverage in CPCI –SSH. The volume of the 2020 edition is under evaluation.

    Participants are welcome to submit papers on Business Administration, Project Management and Organizational Performance, Education, Innovation, and Knowledge Management, Strategic Management, Change Management and Entrepreneurship, HR Management, Behavioural Sciences, Communication Studies and Business Ethics.


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