Keynote speakers

  • Monalisa Ungureanu: Digital in agriculture: From buzzword to real opportunities and value creation


    Monalisa Ungureanu actual CEO for Origin Romania subsidiary for Origin Enterprises Plc. Origin Enterprises Plc has business presence in Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Belgium, UK, Ireland and Brazil with main focus as a provider of value added services, technologies and strategic inputs for farmers.


    Monalisa Ungureanu graduated  The Bucharest University of Economic Studies in 1997 – the Faculty of  Management – and EMBA in 2012 – ASEBUSS Bucharest in cooperation with Kennesaw University Georgia, Atlanta .


    Monalisa has experience in various industries and fields of activities like  FMCG, medical services and agriculture from executives positions as a CFO and CEO for Romanians and multinational companies.




    Michelle Lim: Humanizing Business through Meaningful Communication and KPI


    JCE Japan Creative Enterprise
    Chief Regional Officer (Asia),
    Communications & Innovation Strategy
    Design Thinking Practitioner & Trainer
    Graphic Facilitator & Recorder


    Michelle Lim is a Malaysian-born Creative Consultant based in Japan where she developed her skills as a Design Thinking Specialist. She has an unconventional but exciting experience in the field of Creativity in Japan. Her recent activities involve helping traditional companies to unleash their creative side, revolutionizing the Insurance industry, and helping local companies in their effort to revitalize small towns under threat of depopulation and shrinking economy.

    Michelle also teaches Design Thinking at the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University in Tokyo. With real-time experience in local and international companies, Michelle introduces a different learning method in Japan whereby students are invited to discuss and weigh in on real-time challenges and experience in order to proliferate the number of people in the workforce to bring about creative changes rapidly.

    Michelle has always been passionate about People Development and has been in the Training field for over a decade in Asia. Her clients are based all over the world, most notably in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and in the U.S. Working in a cross-cultural setting has given her the experience of managing performers from different cultural backgrounds, seeing their challenges and learning ways to help them enhance their skills. She looks forward to expanding to other cultural settings such as Europe to lower the communication barrier between Asia and Europe.

    Michelle is a frequent participant in academic and corporate events to assist in capturing information through Graphic Facilitation and Recording. She is also a contributor to Globis Insights on topics ranging from Design Thinking to Global Talent management, Agile Business Development, Organizational Architecture as well as Social Engineering.

    Michelle currently lives in Yuzawa, Niigata; well known for high-quality rice and clean water that is used to make quality Sake, a type of Japanese liquor.

    Education & Credentials:M.B.A – Globis University, Malaysia (2015); B.A. (Hons) Mass Communication – UCSI University, Malaysia (2010)


    Lorian Vintila: A Cross Culture Experience for Handling the Regional Challenges


    Senior Accounts Director, within ZTE Corporation, South Eastern Europe

    Experience: with a solid 25 years career within a multinational environment by creating market advantages for his corporations, delivering strong revenue growth complying with budget constraints, launching new products and structuring portfolios, creating and continuously coaching teams, fostering a culture of teamwork in his companies’ departments as well as with his peers.