Keynote speakers



    Dr. Antonio Garcia Sanchez is Director of the Convention Bureau of Cartagena and Lecturer at the Technical University of Cartagena, Spain, in the area of Economic Analysis, Tourism, Macroeconomic and Labour Economics.

    Dr. Sanchez has a Bsc. in Economics Valencia, Msc. in Economics in the London School of Economics, UK, and PhD in Economics University of Murcia, Spain.

    He was Director of the Research Team of Economic Analysis and Tourism, at the Technical University of Cartagena, member of AECIT (Spanish Association of Scientists and Researchers in Tourism) and Vice-president until 2012.

    He has published several contributions in articles in scientific journals, such as International Advances in Economic Research, Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Economic, Maritime Economics and Logistics, Investigaciones Económicas, Maritime Policy & Management, etc. He has published numerous book chapters and books, as author and coordinator, the most recently being ”20 years of Tourism in Spain”,  Síntesis Publishing House, Madrid. His areas of research focus on tourism economics, cruisers industry, economic impact and labour economics.